First impression is vital to anyone’s business and that is how I came to connect with Mr. Henry Gill, straightforward and down to earth guy with no strings attached. Initially, we thought we could not pursue our dream but then a better opportunity came along and given the impression we had of Henry, I had no hesitation in calling him back to help with our plan. Without a hitch and even when we were on holidays, every inch of our business went smoothly-digitally until the closing part of our mortgage.

Given the superb service rendered, I would not have any reason at all not to endorse the integrity and reliability of Mr. Henry Gill of Dominion Lending Centres.

We have nothing but a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Henry Gill.

Francis, Edmonton, AB

Henry is stellar. A true miracle worker. When I was looking to purchase a home for the first time, money was tight and my credit wasn’t perfect. I thought for sure I’d be denied, but Henry somehow managed to make it work.

He was very supportive, patient and gave me honest advice. I couldn’t have asked for a better mortgage broker. I enjoyed working with him so much, and he made the whole process so easy, that I chose to use him again when purchasing my rental property. I’ll be sure to use his services again. Thank you Henry, for all you do!!

Brett, Edmonton, AB

Henry was great! We were renewing our mortgage and he found us a better rate than our current lender and when we ran into some issues with the transfer he helped iron them out. I have referred friends to Henry and will continue to do so!

Terry, Edmonton, AB